Finding the right talent can make or break an organisation

In times of an ageing workforce, highly mobile workers, skills shortages and the rise of digital in every organisation, the market has never been more competitive. So much so that ‘the war for talent’ has become part of everyday language.

Understanding how Talent look for opportunities and what drivers motivate them to change jobs underpins NeonLogic’s approach to finding talent. Combining our extensive recruitment marketing expertise with deep knowledge of candidate behaviours and an inside-out understanding of media, we have provided highly effective and successful talent solutions to a wide range of top Australian and New Zealand employers.

Employer Brand

All organisations already have an employer brand, even if they don’t know it or are actively promoting it. Working with organisations across a variety of industries and sectors, NeonLogic has developed a wealth of experience in helping clients define and take control of their Employer Brand to engage the talent market.

Want to know why having a powerful Employer Brand is so important?

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Career Website

A successful careers website needs to focus on what’s in it for candidates if they join your organisation. Using our proven methodology, NeonLogic map out website architecture and user experience covering every step of the candidate journey. This results in fresh, informative, award-winning websites engaging and encouraging top talent to apply.

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EB Foundations

Research is the foundation to any Employer Brand project that we undertake. Part of an in depth Discover phase, this allows our teams to draw on insights and provide an authentic view on the unique work environment and culture within an organisation.

Find out how the research conducted for a recent client has contributed to their overall EB, read the Blog here.

EB vs COVID-19

Few would have predicted the significant and social impacts we are experiencing in 2020. In Australia, 1 in 5 people left the workforce or reduced their hours over March and April and in New Zealand, 1.7m workers received wage subsidy payments from March – June 2020.

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Our Clients

We’ve successfully developed strategies, websites and campaigns to attract and retain top talent for many of our clients.


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