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Hato Hone St John

Aotearoa New Zealand’s standards for paramedic training, accreditation and qualifications are the highest in the world, meaning that there are very limited countries this talent can be recruited from.  The flow on effect is an urgent paramedic shortage, which NeonLogic was engaged to assist with via a well-researched strategy, and impactful creative.

The Brief

Hato Hone St John outlined its ambitious organisational objectives for talent acquisition:

  • Bring 130 paramedics into current roles
  • Bring 160 into new roles
  • Convert 200 paramedics in the first 12 months


NeonLogic outlined three primary marketing objectives to support these goals:

  1. Connect with current paramedics in Australia and the United Kingdom
  2. Hero the unique and key benefits of working as a paramedic in New Zealand
  3. Inform and answer candidate’s questions, removing barriers and making their decision to move easier

What We Did

Given the very tight pool of candidates, restricted to only those countries whose graduate paramedics or Kiwi expats could meet the stringent accreditation requirements, it was essential to refine our target audiences, address their concerns and speak to their specific motivational drivers.

Our strategy informed the creative messaging, and how this should be conveyed, with clear direction on how to nurture the candidate journey, from initial engagement with social media ads, to ongoing database communications.

NeonLogic wireframed and copywrote multiple landing page versions, to best speak to the different ways a potential applicant may have reached the website, and the stage of the decision-making journey they might be on.  A series of emails were crafted to help nurture them on their journey to registering interest, or applying.

The Results

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