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Metaphorical Therapy Strategy & Implementation

A business strategy, website and marketing strategy to promote mental health products and services for the maintenance of mental health and management of mental illness.

The Brief

Metaphorical Therapy is a system that harnesses the proven power of metaphors to address common psychological problems that helps people achieve lasting mental wellness. The approach uses expertly linked metaphors to help people explore issues safely through a metaphorical lens. It’s fast, engaging, and flexible.

NeonLogic was engaged to deliver critical services including business strategy, website and marketing strategy to set up a new and unique business offering mental health products and services.

What We Did

Applying our methodology, NeonLogic included in depth market research into the mental health sector, both domestically and internationally. This provided insights into the size of the market and where the opportunities were.

A competitive analysis was also undertaken to identify opportunities and threats. Qualitative and quantitative research helped round out insights and drove the strategy.

The business strategy included setting the vision and mission for the business, the business goals, and developing the unique proposition. It also included governance, operations and organisational structures/charts. Target audiences were identified and profiled, including target audience strategies for engagement and marketing. This allowed the brand to be refined in line with the insights delivered from the discovery stage. Product strategies were mapped out as well as partnerships.

The Results

The business soft launched to the market with work now focusing on new product launches in an effort to bring mental health solutions into people’s hands and homes.

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