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A collaborative Employer Brand delivering a more strategic approach to talent attraction

The Brief

In an increasingly competitive talent landscape, Metlifecare required an Employer Brand to tell their talent story in a compelling and authentic way, delivering a clear sense of their identify and opportunities, and bringing the personality of their employees to the fore.

What We Did

Using NeonLogic’s successful Employer Brand methodology, our Research Manager discovered insights into Metlifecare’s EVP through undertaking research, focus groups and interviews.  The key themes from our research report were then translated by our Creative Director, working in close collaboration with Metlifecare’s Talent team, into a punchy visual and narrative concept, where it’s all about care – understanding that employees are the heart of the organisation, and demonstrating the genuine care and commitment towards creating a supportive and rewarding work environment.

The Results

Priority collateral items were selected from the implementation roadmap we provided, including the design of a brand new careers website, a photoshoot featuring a wide range of employees across the business, and rolling out digital assets to launch the new Employer Brand to market.

NeonLogic took the time to show a deep understanding of our brand, vision and audience. Their collaborative approach, blending market insights and Metlifecare research, really helped us identify and develop the outcome, which we are super stoked with.

Manatu Iuli/Metlifecare

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