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Penrith City Council

A behavioral change campaign to raise awareness and foster inclusion for people with disabilities in the Penrith community.

The Brief

Penrith City Council approached us with a vital mission to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities within their local area. They recognised that while their Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-26 laid a strong foundation, there were still significant social barriers stemming primarily from a lack of awareness and understanding within the community. The Council needed a comprehensive behavioural change campaign to address these issues, foster greater awareness, and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

What We Did

We employed our Bright Thinking methodology, starting with a comprehensive research and strategy phase, followed by creating empathy-driven content showcasing real stories of people with disabilities in Penrith.

We developed the ‘One Community, Many Abilities’ concept, overseeing pre-production, coordinating shoots, and crafting a diverse array of campaign assets – from impactful videos to engaging social media content and compelling print materials.

The NeonLogic project team extensively researched on disability communications etiquette and accessible content creation, as well as presented our concepts and collaborated with the council’s Disability Access Committee on-site at Penrith City Council to gain their invaluable insights.

The Results

The campaign launched on 20 May 2024, with initial feedback and website engagement being very positive, indicating high levels of social media interaction.

We would recommend Neon Logic without hesitation. It goes without saying that they are creative and good at their craft,  but what was definitely a stand out was their genuine interest in the topic and their thoughtful, respectful and empowering engagement with the talent. They were accommodating, flexible and very professional.

Marcela Hart - Community Capacity Lead, City Activation Community and Place/Penrith City Council

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