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Marketing Strategy & Brand Refresh

A refreshed strategy and school identity

The Brief

Create a Marketing Strategy and refresh the school brand to better reflect the school proposition, better connecting it to the students and school community.

What We Did

In recent years, changing demographics and competition from other faith based schools has made the acquisition of new students and retention of existing students more difficult.

Working with the school leadership including Principal, Pastor, and Heads of Faculty, we facilitated workshops and gathered insights. This qualitative research coupled with parent surveys and quantitative research allowed us to form a marketing strategy with action plan to evolve the school’s brand making it future fit for future students.

The delivery of the schools marketing strategy outlined how the school could better connect and engage with potential students and parents of potential students, helping increase retention rates and reduce attrition.

The Results

The marketing strategy with practical and actionable next steps delivered a refreshed school brand and promise. Implementation of the strategy and brand followed which was warmly welcomed by the school and its community.

I have enjoyed working with the team from NeonLogic. Their measured, tested and strategic approach has been extremely valuable in formulating a solid and confident brand image. They are exceptional at what they do and the support they have provided has been invaluable.

Rachel/Marketing - Regents Park Christian School

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