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United Way Australia Website

A new corporate website clearly articulating the work, strategic plan and vision of United Way.

The Brief

United Way has operated in Australia for over 50 years and is one of 1,800 United Way organisations across 41 countries globally. Its focus is to work with corporate and public partners to improve the lives of children across Australia.

United Way Australia (UWA) appointed NeonLogic to design and develop a new corporate website to clearly articulate the work the organisation undertakes, its strategic plan and vision.

What We Did

NeonLogic undertook a strategic review of the online requirements for UWA. The new website needed to demonstrate the value of UWA to the children of Australia. Ultimately, encouraging funding partnerships and support for UWA to enable the organisation to continue to improve the lives of children across Australia. To inform our recommendations NeonLogic undertook research, market analysis and audience profiling.

The homepage defines the visual language of the website and drives users into key areas. The header panel of the homepage. shows a series of short silent videos that tell the story of UWA. The following content drives users to learn more about what UWA do, their research and advocacy, how to get involved and encourages them to browse the latest news and articles.

NeonLogic is a valued partner of United Way as we strengthen our online presence. By coupling together their strategic communications competence with a strong technical capability, they have helped us reposition our brand and stand out in a competitive sector.

Clayton Noble/CEO - United Way Australia

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