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February 8, 2024

3 min read

Embracing Change: Third-Party Cookie Phase-Out

My Take on the Third-Party Cookie Phase-Out

In my fourteen-year voyage through the tides of media and advertising, I’ve seen waves of change, but none quite as pivotal as the industry’s current shift from third-party cookies. This isn’t just technical evolution; it’s a cultural shift towards a more privacy-conscious world. It’s about respecting the digital citizenry — a cause that I, as a professional, and we, as a company, deeply align with.

The Personal Pivot

Gone are the days when digital footprints were followed with ease, tracing users’ every online move. As a strategist who’s seen the landscape from multiple vantage points, I understand the value of personalised content. Yet, I stand with the growing chorus calling for privacy — not as a compliance checkbox, but as a cornerstone of consumer respect.

Innovation in the Face of Change

With Google’s timeline extension for cookie deprecation to the latter half of 2024, we’re given a reprieve — not for relaxation, but for rigorous innovation. The Privacy Sandbox, Google’s suite of alternative technologies, is an exciting playground for those of us keen to explore privacy-first advertising. It’s a clarion call for marketers to adapt, innovate, and engage with audiences on a more meaningful level.

Redefining Personalisation with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new frontier for predictive personalisation, and I’m excited about its potential. It’s about interpreting patterns and intent, delivering a user experience that feels personal, without overstepping. As I delve deeper into AI’s capabilities, I envision a future where advertising is as intuitive as it is respectful.

Collaboration – Our Collective Strength

The path ahead requires collaboration, not competition. Sharing insights and developing common frameworks for privacy-preserving tracking will be crucial. As I look to fellow experts and industry partners, I’m inspired by the collective wisdom that’s driving us towards a unified goal.

Privacy by Design – The New Standard

Integrating privacy into our products from the ground up is not just best practice; it’s a design philosophy I’ve come to champion. It’s about considering the user at every stage of development — a practice I believe will soon become the industry standard.

Metrics That Matter

The metrics we’ve relied on are evolving. I’m particularly keen on exploring new KPIs like attention metrics and customer lifetime value, which I believe will offer a more rounded view of campaign effectiveness in a world post-cookies.

Consent Management – The User’s Gatekeeper

As we collect more first-party data, the role of consent management platforms becomes ever more critical. I’m closely watching this space, eager to see how these platforms evolve to manage preferences and ensure compliance in a user-friendly manner.

Investing in First-Party Data – The Wise Move

Investing in robust first-party data infrastructure is imperative. It’s a move that we’re actively making, and we are on the lookout for new technologies so that we are staying on top of this.

Final Thoughts

As we gear up for the gradual phase-out of third-party cookies, I see this as a transformative moment for digital advertising. It’s a juncture that calls for innovation, deeper relationships, and a principled approach to privacy and advertising ethics. It’s essential to acknowledge that there’s a wealth of information to uncover about this transformative shift. We’ll share essential insights in easily digestible formats in the upcoming weeks and months. Stay tuned.

It’s a journey I’m ready for — and I invite you to join me.

If you’re navigating these changes and looking for a seasoned guide, let’s connect. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities that this new era of digital advertising holds.



– Arthur Branciard
Integrated Media Strategist and Media Buyer

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