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March 28, 2024

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How to leverage video for effective marketing

Video marketing is a cost effective, versatile and shareable medium to reach your audiences.

Quite often, marketers steer clear of video because they think it is costly and time consuming, but with the right approach, video can help you:

  • capture content authentically.
  • extend the life of your content.
  • connect with new audiences.

Here are some tips to help get you started.

Capturing content authentically

Creating authentic video content is essential for engaging your audience and building trust. But how do you do that?

  • Clearly identify the purpose and plan your video content with intention. Are you creating video for brand awareness, education or something else? Being clear from the start will help you develop the right content for your audience.
  • Avoid over scripting. Video scripts are useful and helpful for recalling key information, but relying on them too heavily can erode authenticity. Try to be natural and spontaneous for the best results that engage your audience.
  • Incorporate client testimonials into your video. Testimonials engage audiences and help prospects understand how they can benefit from your products or services.
  • Aim for quality, but embrace imperfection. Authentic videos strongly resonate with audiences, and your brand should reflect real people including their glorious imperfections!
  • Clearly articulate your brand’s beliefs. If you have a vision and strong values, share them with your audience.
  • Lastly, engage with your audience respectfully. Respond to comments and messages and show that you value their input, opinions and trust.

Extending the life of your content through video

Video gives you the option of extending your well-thought through content even further. Here’s how!

  • Repurpose evergreen content. Identify your top performing blog posts, case studies and publications and repurpose them to ensure your valuable content reaches an even wider audience.
  • Create “how to” videos. Audiences love this style of video, where practical information related to your industry or niche is shared. These are evergreen and can serve as useful content for many years.
  • Develop a series of short educational videos. You can cover different parts of a topic and related subjects, providing audiences with useful skill building information. This type of video content is highly relatable and helps to build your credibility.
  • Use music, visuals and graphics to create visual storytelling that engages your audience and encourages social engagement, likes and shares.

Connecting with new audiences

Connecting with your audiences is important and requires careful thought. Remember, authenticity, conciseness and relevance are key when connecting through video. Let’s start with Millennials and Gen Z.

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Share your content on relevant platforms and tailor your video content to maximise impact

Millennials (28-43 years old)

  • Focus on developing content for the primary platforms of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. TikTok and Snapchat are secondary channels.

Gen Z (12-27 years old)

  • Spend a lot of time online and YouTube is their platform of choice. Instagram and TikTok are also popular.
Keep it short

Millennials (28-43 years old) & Gen Z (12-27 years old)

  • It is a fact that people’s attention spans have decreased over the years, so now we are talking seconds rather than minutes! Create short, engaging videos and know the length limit on the various platforms. The first couple of seconds need to be impactful to secure your audience’s attention, but the entire video needs to resonate and hold interest.
Audiences love quality but authentic and raw videos work well too

Millennials (28-43 years old)

  • Millennials love authentic content, and they can tell when a brand is trying to “fake” it. Millennials enjoy user generated content.

Gen Z (12-27 years old)

  • Gen Z’s tend to use platforms that allow everyday people to express themselves authentically. Share real stories and real experiences to engage your younger audiences
Social impact

Millennials (28-43 years old)

  • A report suggested that 90% of millennials are likely to switch from one brand to another if they support a cause—even if the cost and quality of the two are the same.

Gen Z (12-27 years old)

  • Articulate your company’s vision and values. Gen Z values social impact, inclusion, diversity and change. Show how your brand celebrates sustainability and makes a positive impact.
Encourage audience engagement

Millennials (28-43 years old) & Gen Z (12-27 years old)

  • Implement ways in which your audience can comment, like and share by using online polls, quizzes, AMAs (“ask me anything”), choose-your-own outcome stories, sliders, dynamic infographics and question forums. Most importantly, show your audience you are listening by reacting to their engagement and responding respectfully.

Millennials (28-43 years old) & Gen Z (12-27 years old)

  • Celebrate diversity in your videos. Millennials and Gen Z’s are the most socially aware generations, so an authentic approach to storytelling will mean diversity should be showcased and celebrated.

How we can help you

At NeonLogic, we believe that good strategy and creative thinking is an integral part of the overarching success of an organisation. It touches how the organisation operates, informs the channels to market, brand essence and identity and determines how the organisation communicates with those who engage with it – from staff and stakeholders, to partners, customers and the public.

Our video partner, Shootsta, simplifies video creation, putting the tools for producing engaging and diverse content right at your fingertips. Our all-in-one platform streamlines the process, making it fast and straightforward to create high-quality animations, live-action videos, podcasts, and more. Shootsta empowers your team to create meaningful and authentic video content consistently and, importantly, cost-effectively. You plan, you shoot, Shootsta edit! It is affordable and fun, with full creative control and an upskilling opportunity for your team.

In summary, NeonLogic and Shootsta can help you produce video that will:

  • Expand your potential audience.
  • Capture viewers’ attention.
  • Create compelling content marketing.
  • Showcase your brand and products.
  • Drive sales.

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