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November 1, 2020

3 min read

Employer Branding Insights: 5 Tips for Recruitment Success

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Employer Branding Insights: 5 Tips for Recruitment Success

Why your company needs an Employer Brand:

  1. Decreased time and cost to hire
  2. Increased quality of applicants
  3. Allow candidates to self-select
  4. More strategic roadmap for your talent acquisition team
  5. Reduce employee turnover


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; attracting, engaging and retaining the top talent is more important than ever. COVID-19 saw a previously tight candidate market become flooded with people open to work. Now in the midst of a change in government and the economic downturn, New Zealand once again faces a scarcity of skilled talent in a number of key industries such as healthcare, hospitality and trades. It’s still critical to ensure that your Employee Value Proposition is working to keep you ahead of the competition and attracting applicants genuinely aligned with your organisations values and mission.

For some, the first challenge is being able to articulate the difference between their Employee Value Proposition, and their Employer Brand. Put simply, your EVP answers the unspoken question of ‘what’s in it for me if I work here?’ combining both the rational and emotional benefits employees receive in return for their performance, experience and enthusiasm. Building upon that, your EB brings your EVP to life, creating a relationship with your applicants, employees and alumni via multiple touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle.

In reality, you already have an EB, whether you’ve defined it or not, and it’s influencing your perception in the candidate market. Here are just a few more reasons why investing in your EB could be one of the best things you do for your business:

1) Decreased time and cost to hire

Having a strong EB in the marketplace means that candidates are already aware of your organisation, and the benefits of a career with you. Not only will your advertised roles likely see a spike in applications, but talent pooling becomes easier when the market is coming to you, resulting in a decreased time and cost to hire.

2) Increased quality of applicants

When you’ve clearly defined what you can offer your employees, you may well find that they’re more motivated to tell you what they can offer your business. A compelling EB is a great way to see an increase in the quality of applicants coming through your pipeline.

3) Allow candidates to self-select

Not every employee-employer relationship is a match, and that’s ok! Providing enough information upfront to let candidates who aren’t aligned with your EB self-select out of the process helps with that speed of hire.

4) More strategic roadmap for your talent acquisition team

The recruitment market has become so much more than ‘post and pray’ and those dedicated to people experience and culture know the importance of having a strategic roadmap for the employee lifecycle. Putting your EB to work, and knowing how it will be communicated to the candidate market, kept alive within your current workforce, and how to use it to maintain contact with alumni is a significant advantage in workforce planning.

5) Reduce employee turnover

Your EB can increase talent longevity within your business, as consistently communicating your EB through employee touchpoints is a great reminder of why your business is a great place to work, and demonstrates that your team’s wants and needs are being heard. A strong EB additionally discourages early departures within the first 6 months of tenure, with the decrease in needing to re-advertise returning to the goal of decreasing time and cost to hire.


NeonLogic offers a specialist division for EVP development and implementation, working with companies across Australia and New Zealand to deliver effective and successful EVPs.  Our proven methodology ensures we take into account all the internal and external factors that help shape and drive your EB to facilitate the successful attraction and retention of staff. Let’s talk

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