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October 29, 2020

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The Foundation of an effective Employer Brand: Research

The Foundation of an effective Employer Brand: Research

When developing an Employer Brand, we first need to uncover your Employee Value Proposition. The EVP answers the unspoken question in employees’ and candidates’ minds “what’s in it for me if I work here?” – the combination of both the rational and emotional benefits they receive in return for their performance in your workplace. By crafting an EVP statement that definitively answers this question, and simultaneously drives people to achieve the goals of your business, you provide employees and candidates a sense of what is expected of them – and importantly what they can expect from your organisation. Does it do what it says on the tin?

How do we get to this point? An in depth ‘Discover’ phase is the foundation of any Employer Brand project that we undertake. This includes desk-based research into your current channels, market perceptions and the competitive landscape, along with qualitative research into the perceptions and beliefs of your employees. We facilitate focus groups that encourage open and free dialogue, conduct interviews, and develop and deliver an online survey to gather quantitative insights as well.

This insight gathering exercise provides us with an authentic view of your unique work environment and culture from current employees, and defines the characteristics of an ideal employee, providing a stable platform from which to develop a strategy to attract the ‘right fit’ into your organisation. Drilling down during this research phase and segmenting your candidate audience groups by factors such as job function allows us to uncover specifics around culture, location and competencies – and ultimately enables us to accurately target your talent marketing with your newly developed Employer Brand.

In the extremely competitive talent market of healthcare, both domestically and internationally, showcasing an authentic and compelling Employer Brand is absolutely essential. NeonLogic partnered with Northland District Health Board and we are very proud to launch the culmination of this extensive project this week.

Northland DHB serve a population of approximately 150,000 kiwis over a large geographical area from Te Hana in the south to Cape Reinga in the north. They have over 3,000 employees based in four hospitals along with outpatient and community-based services. Extensive and thorough research was key and included focus groups at each hospital, management interviews and workshops along with desk-based research. This allowed us to uncover the distinct attributes not only of the DHB as a broad group but the nuances of each hospital.

The Employer Brand creative features real employees and highlights the benefits of a career with the DHB whilst showcasing the unique and culturally significant place New Zealand’s upper North is to work and live in. At Northland DHB you can enjoy the best of both.

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