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January 25, 2021

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Top tips for creating content in 2021

If the unprecedented year of 2020 taught us anything about communication, it’s that we need to be agile, adaptable and open to new ways of connecting with those around us. Businesses globally took to other forms of communication, particularly digital and social channels, to recreate in-person customer experiences to find new and innovative ways to engage with their consumers. We’ve seen a growing appreciation for honesty and authenticity – the way we tell our ‘story’ to entice new customers and build long-standing relationships is now more important than ever. As Content and Marketing Managers plan their content for 2021, we’ve put together our top tips to help.

1. Understand the why
In the well used words of Simon Sinek, ‘Start With Why’! For customers to buy into what you are promoting they must clearly understand the why behind it. We need to create meaningful connections and make people feel part of something – that often intangible reason that makes you choose one brand over another. So, establish the goals that drive the work you do. What are you trying to achieve? And most importantly, tell your audience about it.

2. Know the who
Now that you have a clear idea of why you are doing what you’re doing, it’s important to understand who you are targeting and how best to reach them. Digital, mobile, and social media have become intrinsic to our everyday lives and as such, the way we consume digital content is changing. As consumers we expect a lot – we are more informed, selective about the content we choose to engage with and demand honesty, transparency, and seamlessness in our online interactions. As marketers, we are looking to utilise digital and social channels to build trust, deepen customer connections and streamline the customer journey, therefore we need a deeper knowledge of our customers’ needs and habits. With over 22 million internet users and over 18 million social media users in Australia*, creating effective online content that cuts through the noise is more important than ever.

3. Look back to move forward
It’s a good idea to review your current assets. Establish what works, what doesn’t and consider different channels that could be a great way to engage with existing and new customers. Last year, one of our clients increased the number of leads generated through their integrated online presence by 39% and their website traffic by an incredible 390% with a strategically targeted campaign. They’re now using this approach to form the basis of their plan for 2021. Utilising the learnings from your own marketing efforts as well as listening to what’s going on around you is key to establishing a successful strategy moving forward. According to Hootsuite’s 2021 Social Trends Survey, ‘66% of marketers say social listening has increased in value for their organisation over the past 12 months.’ Social is not only a great way to get your story out there, it’s also a very valuable tool for identifying new opportunities and enabling marketers to adapt their approach in the wake of changing customer needs.

4. The customer journey
Your customer is on a journey that travels through 5 key phases – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy. What you tell them at each stage is vital to keep them moving forwards. Identify what content and channel best answers their needs at each stage. Digital technology has transformed consumer habits and customer expectations – creating a strong customer-centred communication strategy is essential for business growth. Your customers are already active digital and social media users and to make connections, you need to reach out to them, build a relationship and educate them about your offering. We work with our clients to establish a content framework that tells their brand story through various forms and across multiple platforms, i.e. testimonials, blogs, imagery, infographics, video etc. Consider what content is appropriate for the way your audience engage with each platform and tailor it accordingly.

5. Create a content calendar
To keep yourself on-track start a content calendar that highlights your content themes, topics, channels, date and time of distribution. Free project management tools, like Trello, allow complete collaboration between teams, open the lines of communication, and really help when planning and managing the approval process – we love it!

Content Calendar Planning
Content Calendar Planning 2021

6. Keep it real
The most important thing for a successful content management strategy in 2021 is to create content that’s engaging, real and relatable. It’s no surprise that video has thrived over the past year, it’s a great way to connect with customers online and provide valuable and informative content in an easy to consume format. In 2020 we saw audiences favouring live social media, webinars and snackable video content. Authentic video content is helping marketers replace lost physical interactions and establish new ways to engage, enabling them to meet consumers online needs. Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey 2021 identified that in 2019 46% of video marketers used webinars, compared to 62% in 2020 with an overwhelming 91% seeing success. Think about how your audience are engaging with content and look at new and innovative ways to communicate with them. We love coming up with strategic and creative video content ideas and often work with our subscription-based video production partner Shootsta, who pride themselves on being ‘the next generation of video production’ enabling our clients to create their own video content quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, often within a 24 hour period!

7. Communicate
Be honest. Engage with your customers in an open and authentic way. Just like any relationship, the more you communicate with each other the better! Taking the time to share considered, informative and genuine content that answers your customers’ needs will enable you to build deeper and more meaningful connections and ultimately this results in loyal customers that believe in and celebrate your brand.

If you would like some ‘Brighter Thinking’ to get 2021 off to a positive start, NeonLogic can help. We are a talented team of creatives, strategists, content marketing and media experts that are passionate about what we do and get a kick out of seeing our clients succeed!

To get the year off to the right start, we’re offering an initial consultation at no cost, in the hope that we can help you tell your brand story and get you noticed in 2021! Reach out today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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