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March 25, 2021

2 min read

Creating a lasting image

Often a project starts with a blank piece of paper. When working with clients, it is important to understand how they see the project coming to life and what their vision is for the execution. Our job is to make sure the project stands out from the rest. We make sure it has its own identity, and includes an idea supported with hero imagery that captivates and inspires an audience to connect and engage.

We caught up with our Art Director, Shane Macgregor, to discuss a project that has had a long-term impression with him, highlighting the success of creating a lasting image for a brand. Here is what he had to say:

Imagery plays a crucial role in advertising because it sets the tone of the project and helps tell the story to the audience.

One of my most satisfying and rewarding projects to have worked on in my career was when we were engaged to develop a full creative package for the launch of off-the-plan sales of The Macrossan in Adelaide Street, Brisbane.

The Macrossan was designed with one apartment per floor, which was a key selling point to a prospective buyer. This helped identify the creative strategy and key messaging to include in the collateral. The brand positioned the apartments as “A reflection of you” indicating that apartments were customizable so buyers could make them their “inner city home” to reflect the lifestyle they wanted. The purchase of a Macrossan Apartment was seen as yet another essential adornment to a buyer’s lifestyle… the car, the career, and now the apartment.

Concepts were approved to photograph four lifestyle-themed hero images that met the objective. A cool mint-green colour, reminiscent of the famous jewellery campaigns, was adopted as the background to enhance the full colour lifestyle images. Paul Giggle, a renowned international fashion photographer now based in Brisbane, was engaged to bring these images to life on a full day shoot. We were fortunate enough to organize the entire shoot – photographer, shoot lists, model selection, location sourcing, wardrobe and props and working with Audi to feature one of their convertibles.

The final result was elegant, powerful and longstanding. The creative was executed across a range of elements, including press and magazine advertising, signage, sales display office and a series of 15 second TV Commercials.

With the momentum built via the execution, Macrossan Apartments reached icon status and by all accounts, the imagery created was an important part of this success. In fact, the imagery resonated so well with the audience that people were ringing the sales manager to find out where the dress that the model was wearing came from!

Great imagery adds a whole new creative dimension to marketing content that engages audiences, enhances social media posts, and grabs people’s attention. A visual element is powerful, and I’m proud to say we achieved a lasting impression with the imagery that was used to market this project. It was certainly the most impressive property campaign in Brisbane at that point.

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