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May 31, 2023

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Why video needs to be part of your Talent Acquisition Strategy

The Potential of Video Messages in Modern Communication
As the saying goes, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” And if that is true, video is worth 10,000 more.

The Rise of Recruitment Videos

The competition for great talent continues to heat up, and smart organisations are bolstering their talent acquisition strategies using videos. 

As the world of HR and recruitment becomes ever more digital, social media plays an increasingly significant role in attracting top talent. In such a competitive talent market, candidates hold the power as businesses around the globe experience an unprecedented talent shortage. The focus is on attracting and engaging the right candidates, and video has become the most efficient and effective option for building connections and influencing perceptions. 
Recruitment videos are a creative and effective way to showcase your organisation’s culture, values, and mission to potential candidates.  

Read on to find out some valuable tips and effective strategies on how to incorporate video into your talent acquisition strategy. 

Showcase your Employer Brand

Video provides a glimpse into your organisational culture, work environment, team dynamics, and values. Potential candidates can gain an understanding of what it would be like to work with you, guiding them to make informed decisions about their career. Employer-branded video may include executives sharing their vision, day-in-the-life style content, and more.

Support Recruitment

Although job descriptions (JDs) remain significant, merely listing the key responsibilities, experience, and qualifications required for a role is no longer adequate to attract the most talented candidates.  Use video to support recruitment drives for specific roles, highlighting the opportunities within your organisation, their impact and the benefits on offer.

Build Trust with Candidates

Providing a ‘behind the scenes’ inside look into your organisation enables candidates to feel more comfortable and confident in their decision to apply. Videos that showcase your commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion can also help build trust with candidates who prioritise these values.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Video has a wide variety of usage, from sharing on social media platforms and your careers website, to embedding within job postings. Organisations can save time and resources on in-person interviews and hiring events by using video as part of the recruitment process.

We love concepting and filming impactful videos to support our clients in their talent acquisition strategy and achieve great results.

RMIT: Check out the video here
Video content was developed to support RMIT’s Employee Value Proposition, and highlighting the variety of ways RMIT Training enables their people to make a real impact, and change lives through learning.  The video has been applied across the website, at suitable touchpoints throughout the candidate journey. 


ARPA: Check out the video here
Our video for ARPA empathetically demonstrates the benefits of a career in workplace rehabilitation. The market responded positively to the campaign, bringing awareness of the sector to both active and passive candidates. With search and social leading the engagement metrics, candidates responded to the display advertising and engaged with video to find out more about the roles available in workplace rehabilitation.   


Genesis: Check out the video here 

Following a successful Employer Brand project, Genesis were keen to launch their proposition to market via video content.  NeonLogic storyboarded, filmed and produced a concept which would convey tailored messaging to their different audience segments, from seasoned professionals to recent graduates.  ‘Create your world of tomorrow’ was born, with applications across the organisation’s careers site, and job listings. 


Auckland Council: Check out the video here

Today’s graduates are digital and social media natives, who expect a bespoke experience tailored to their specific needs and interests.  As a key employer in the graduate market, Auckland Council understood that they needed to speak to applicants in their own language, and thus the concept of Endless Possibilities was born, a youthful graduate brand created by NeonLogic.  Long-from video content advises candidates on the huge variety of career opportunities on offer at Auckland Council, as well as their work’s impact upon the community, while shorter form video is used in an innovative interactive tool, guiding applicants towards the most suitable role for their qualifications and interests.  With video, the power is in the candidates hands to choose the right role for themselves.

Recruitment and Employer Brand videos are here to stay in the world of talent acquisition. With the right video content and distribution strategy, you can retain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry.  

If you’d like to discuss the use of videos in your recruitment marketing or have further questions about videos, reach out to us! 

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